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    Distance traveled

    Scheduled Delivery


    Online Ordering

    On Demand Delivery


    To meet your time-sensitive freight delivery needs, we offer same-day freight service for both local and long-distance deliveries. You can count on our knowledgeable office staff‘s expertise, along with our professional team of drivers, to provide timely and accurate same-day deliveries.


    Use this service when you have large orders requiring scheduled times for pickup and delivery. No matter how many days a week you need scheduled delivery, we can customize this service to meet your specific schedule requirements.


  • People & Places

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    We Care About People

    The most important part of the equation

    Way To Go Courier knows how important our clients are when it comes to providing the best service. We take the time to get to know them and what they expect from us.

    We're Always Listening

    We can't deliver without our ears

    Way To Go Courier listens. We will get it right the first time and make it better the next time.

  • Our Core Values

    What We Believe 

    • We believe in our customers – we don’t take their business for granted. We work for long term mutually beneficial relationships.
    • Our customers rely on us - we will finish the job and demonstrate a level of consistency and quality they can rely on. We do what we say we’re going to do.
    • We believe in our drivers – Our drivers are our greatest asset
    • We must charge a fair and competitive price
    • In order to serve you, we must become part of you.  We must become part of your culture and the fabric and essence of your business.

    Enjoying the Journey

    The Art of Delivery

    Way To Go Courier works to assure our clients the best service. We enjoy the journey as we make our clients experience one to remember.

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