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Three Women whose Contributions left lasting change to Supply Chain & Transportation industry

In honor of Women’s History Month, this March we’re shining a spotlight on three women whose contribution to supply chain and transportation should be remembered. Click here to read the full article

  1. Lillie Elizabeth McGee Drennan - From Galveston, Texas she was the first Licensed Female Truck Driver & Trucking Firm Owner. Having lost her hearing as a child, she fought to obtain a drivers license and once she got it kept a 24 year accident-free record as the owner of an expanding trucking company. During World War II, the army praised Drennan for her help in recruiting women drivers to the war effort.
  2. Edwina Justus - A trailblazer for women, especially women of color, Justus started off as a traction motor clerk then worked her way up to full railroad engineer by Union Pacific working out of North Platte, Nebraska the largest railroad operation in the U.S.A. at the time.
  3. Melonee Wise - One of few women to found and manage their own robotics company, Melonee's plotters are printers that use automated pens to make line drawings by making continuous lines. Automated warehouses are anticipated to completely revolutionize the supply chain in the next decade.