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Average U.S. diesel fuel price drops nearly 3 cents

The average price for a gallon of diesel fuel dropped 2.7 cents from a week ago with decreases recorded for every region and subregion. Decreases in regional averages ranged from 1.3 cents for the Gulf Coast region to 5.5 cents in the Rocky Mountain region.

Average U.S. price for a gallon of diesel as reported by the agency:

  • U.S. – $3.037, down 2.7 cents.
  • East Coast – $3.075, down 3.6 cents.
  • Central Atlantic – $3.248, down 4.3 cents.
  • Lower Atlantic – $2.948, down 3.6 cents.
  • Gulf Coast – $2.797, down 1.3 cents.
  • California – $3.866, down three-fifths of a cent.
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